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مجموعه: بیوه سیاه

The Tales of the Black Widowers are a set of 66 mystery stories. It’s a group of middle-aged guys that get together each month for dinner and drinks. Each story involves a mystery that arises out of a guest attending the dinner with a problem to solve. Invariably, the waiter, Henry, solves the mystery.

The characters are loosely based on the personalities of various science fiction writers of Asimov’s day (e.g. Lester del Rey and L. Sprague de Camp). The stories are short and are written in a way that gives one a chance to guess the solution to the puzzle.

This book is for anyone who likes personality-driven fiction (there’s no “action” so-to-speak). The stories are all conversation. They are written with Asimov’s signature clarity and are fun, light reading.

کاور باشگاه معما
کاور باشگاه معما