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hell on earth

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داستان به صورت پارت بندی هستش که بین هر پارت چند سال فاصلس
"..father are you sure about letting him stay? There is rumor about him! People say Satan has taken his body.. i say we p"
"..that's enough sister Bella, Notre dame doors are open to every men and women who needs our help. Now if you go to kitchen and"
Corridors were empty and dark, the only source of light was hidden behind black clouds, water drops touch ground like their missions is to dig and extinguish the hell, every one were sleep, except one boy, staring at the street, waiting, thinking. He was exhausted, at least father thought that. He came to him less than a week ago, with stitches all over his body, But he wasn't reached the madness though
Few hours took until boy started to eat, even more than that to talk.. he worked with his mother as maids, a bastard, son of the devil itself, but he wasn't the devil, how could he be, the only wrong thing he did was his birth.. with what justice god sent him to the earth hell
...A lightning brighten the room, and it screamed like Thor beating his hammer on his shield and pulled the boy out of his thoughts
"here is the things you requested sir"
"?thank you Chris, what about the walls! did you finished their painting"
"?yes father, as the color you wanted. can i go and rest now"
"!of course, you done your job perfectly"
"thank you sir"
.Chris ran to the doors
"!hold it a minute, you look little different these days"
father take a look at him, he wasn't a boy anymore, after 6 years he grown to become a nice and happy man, helping people and church. he found his path after all those suffering came upon him
"!you had that silly smile all morning! and now you wanna leave in such hurry"
!father winked at the Chris, he got nervous and his skin turned red
"what? um.... it's nothing"
"?so why you wanna leave so soon"
"!i wasn't"
"!so if you are free as you said, um maybe we could sit and drink some coffee together"
.Chris was horrified, then father started to laugh
"!hahaha, i was joking, go but remember come back for the dinner"
.Chris smiled at his protector, then got out from the building
it was about 2 mile from Notre dame building and Pont Alexander the third bridge and in normal days it would take about half an hour but it wasn't a normal day, and Chris made to the bridge in less than a ten minute, it was 25th of Aghast 1938, summer was almost upon country, with shining sun and boats floating on Seine river, fishers sell fish and burglar stealing merchant wallet, and a girl, with black hair and white skin, wearing a white bibs on a blue shirt, that she had set it with her lovely scarf, helping his father in selling fishes
.Chris hide behind a barrel, watching her counting coins, wrangle with costumers, in a second her brown eyes focused on Chris, and she smiled
"please, i beg you, don't go, they have enough men to fight"
Rose cleaned her wet chick, tears that caused by a man, a thief who stole her heart, a shy man, watching her secretly for weeks until he found his gut to came to her, and she accepted him with no doubt...
.i have to Rose, they slaughtered children, just because they were Jewish, they killed our brothers and sister in Poland, and they'll come for us"
"if i don't stand to defend you and our home, i cant live with my guilt, knowing every day of my life that i don't worth to you
"?but you might get killed, and what i have to do then, ever thought about that? what gonna happen to me"
.Rose started to sob
"you wanna join a war that ain't started yet"
"father said it could be an another total war, what do you want from me to do"
"come with me, we can run together, we can live together out of these villainy"
"i cant, you know that, we cant turn our face from our friends and family"
it was a quiet night, the only sound you could here was the sound of the river and cricket, and a girl, who her tears had dried, even in that darkness you could see her curly hair, but you could see a man too, his second decade of life, still he looked older than 30 years.
".i wont promise I'll wait for you"
"you said you'll always love me"
"and you said you are not going to leave me ever, and here you are... if you leave now, you are not going to see me again, and god will be our witness"
she slammed the door, falling to her knees, hoping for a knock, how funny it is, even moon couldn't watch those tears, falling from eyes, eyes that stared at the door, a door that slammed to his face...
"!open this cell"
.a man with black coat and red SS armlet on his arm came, in that darkness, you could see only his band and green eyes, carrying a key holder, juggling with a rusty lock
"!damn it, just hold second, trying to find out what's the problem with this forsaken lock"
!less than a minute, lock lost the battle and opened with a click sound, that echoed in prison passage
"?take the prisoner to the cell! and make sure she wont try to escape again we don't have time to find fugitives in the mountain, is that clear sergeant"
"!crystal sir"
.man push the prisoner in the cell
it was Christmas, but during the war nobody felt the holidays, weekends was like an ordinary day in week, soldiers, they couldn't rest, they wanted it, but that may turn into their last. for prisoners it wasn't that easy either, Germans had prisoners from all around the globe, Americans, European, Russian and ... examining them until their last breath, most die by the poison and torture, some from bleeding caused by guards, and some get shot trying to escape...
"?look! a lady, why do you think they bring her here"
"!maybe she is a spy"
"!that is not your business fellow, hey beautiful! why is that god sent one of his angels into this hell"
they started to laugh, she thanked god for being separated from the others, she had respect for these soldiers, but it didn't mean that she can like them! she pulled her self toward the corner of the cell, so she could rest a bit.
"!they said she tried to escape! i wonder how many guard she deceived?! i mean look at her body! i kill half of the Nazis just to touch her! hmmm whole of them for full package"
!they started to laugh again, pain made them to become the same devil they tried to destroy
"!shut up, all of you"
"!oooh a Russian, they say their women doesn't know what love is mate"
-and where are you from, and exactly how many times you used razor kid?! like if you ever needed one! i killed dozen of them to get out, and i wasn't alone, now if you excuse my manners, i want to sleep
...she laid down her back, closed her eyes, thinking
"...please lord, don't let them find him, don't let the Germans find Chris'
"...Captain, we found footprints in the woods, according to our scouts, it’s just a single running man"
".That single man could be one of the Nazi secret intelligence agents, try to capture him alive, we may get some information"
"! Sir, we’ll handle that man, what we are going to do with Munich defenses? Our men are getting tired watching their colleagues die"
". I killed Nazi in Africa, Italy, France and now we kill Germans in Germany, but it’s going to end soon. we we cant quit in this last moments sergeant"
.Captain looked at his counselor, he was barely 17 but he was fighting in the first line of a total war
". don’t worry soldier, we will capture that city, but now our force need to secure this passage"
"! But with our enemy in our back there is no telling how much we can hold this line"
It was a week later than 1945 Christmas, after 6 failure attempts to escape, he finally did it, off course with little help. He met Julia 4 month after his capture, she told him the worst news he ever thought he can hear," Paris has fallen…" since then, after almost 6 years his only thought was Rose, did she survived? in prison, they didn’t get any news of war, but it seemed that Germans are wining... so now he is out and breathing fresh air, he only thinks on one thing, getting himself to France, getting himself ho.... it came sound of a dog barking, last day, he almost got himself caught, during his visit at a house, to find some food and aid, and then he find himself running towards the trees from enemy patrol… now it seemed their hounds found him, he vanquished his fire camp that he built to get himself warm in this death cold winter and cleaned his coat of the snow, dogs barking came from much closer distance, he jumped to his hat to put it on…
"! Hey, put your hands in the air or we will shoot you"
.In front of him, two soldiers in green outfit were stand, and in their hand they had M1A1 rifle, in their hand they had an American deadly rifle
final part 6
ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Chris Brad Worsen stands accused for two murders, three sexual abused and multiple counts of attempted burglary, and yet his legal team has chosen to offer no evidence whatsoever to support their plea. I find myself in unusual position of recommending a verdict wholeheartedly, you must find him guilty
...It was dawn, but the streets were full of people, after a massive destruction, death of millions human soul, birds’ migration meant only one thing, peace
Some were repairing the buildings, some kids playing in wreckage, and a man, with beards, long as his height, wounds and scars all over his face, one on his empty eye socket, looking like movie pirates, staggering in streets, for only one purpose
...After months running in enemy soils, after all those tortures, still there he was, walking toward the first place he felt someone truly wants him, he waited too long
Fish market was exactly how he remembered, with few little changes off course… still merchants trading fish and shrimps with their goods, but this time with smile, burglars helping sellers in their transferring, and she was shining between them all, time and war put some experiment signs in her face but still… managing her own store now, speaking with customers with that red blood lips, smiling with teeth white as pearls…
"! Mommy! the other kids don’t let me play with them "
.Chris froze, a girl, young and innocent, ran to only woman that he could saw
"? And they didn’t say why? Where is your brother anyway"
...Chris was there, just watching, stunned
"? Excuse me sir, can I help you"
...Chris didn’t notice that the boy was talking to him
"?!! CHRIS! Where did you go…? What are you doing now"
"... This man was staring at mom dad, I was asking"
"! What man…?! How many times I told you to not speak with strangers… Come, let show your mom that astro rock you’ve found"
" But he didn’t seem like a stranger"
.Chris senior hid behind wrecked building when boy was talking to a man who he called him dad, he stayed there and watched the gathering of the family
.He came out from wreckage then started walking, he had no place to go.. after all those struggle. he could feel an emptiness growing in his heart
"You’ve done your part, you are weak, now it’s my turn, I’ll take care of everything"